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Mentor Aero est une entreprise de formation en aéronautique. Penser différemment. Former différemment.



Nous avons fondé l'Académie Mentor Aero pour offir aux professionnels de l'Aéronautique des formations ultra flexibles que nous aimerions recevoir. Cours réglementaires et technique, de base ou avancés, standard ou sur mesure (appelez-nous!), vous trouverez de tout pour répondre à vos besoins.

Premium & Type courses

online courses

Human factors in aerospace | Online Recertification

Finally a course of human factors which puts the human in the center of the formation. Here is an online course to allow you to follow the training at any time of the day. A great benefit of this training is that you can stop training and continue it later if needed! In addition, this course is accessible on computers, tablets and phones.

Certificates in PDF format are available automatically as soon as the training is completed successfully.

SGS - Safety management system

The SMS (Safety Management System) is international and regulatory in most ICAO member countries and in Canada it is mandatory for most types of operations.

Here is an entertaining course that will be tailored exactly to your needs and to the size of your organization to make it as effective and efficient as possible.


regulatory suite

Finally, you want to receive a RAC (Canadian Aviation Regulations) training that will be pleasant and constructive (and in which you will not fall asleep)?

Do you want this training to apply only to what you do?

Do you finally want to understand the important aspects of regulation for you and why do you do things?

You want to demystify clichés and '' ouïes-dires '' on the laws and aeronautical standard?

Want to remember what you learned in the course?

Technical and regulatory documentation

This course is perfect if you finally want to understand why you are doing all this paperwork! You will understand the importance of using publications or reference data and in what situations to use them. We provide you with a training matched to your needs that will indicate which document goes where, when and how.

Since we are up to date on the best learning techniques, this class will keep you awake and you will finally see that a class, even more technical, can be fun!

Human factors in aerospace

Finally a course of human factors that puts the human at the center of the training! This course will be perfect if you want a course where you will analyze past incidents and accidents of the aviation industry and other industries. You will develop concrete tools that you can use in your daily work.

Our teachers make it a point to keep their practical cases up to date to keep you awake throughout this wonderful training!


Technical courses

We have developed a perfect course to give a base to all those who work in the aeronautics sector without being aircraft technicians!

You will finally be able to understand the more technical terms and basic operation of aircraft!

Indeed, the purpose of this training tailored to your needs is to provide you with the knowledge that is missing to accomplish your job to the best of your ability.

You will increase your abilities and flexibility; you will be more efficient; you will better understand the needs of your customers; etc.

Damage prevention and safe return to service

Here is a very entertaining training to raise awareness against the damage that is expensive for the company and decreases aeronautical safety!

Effective return on techniques to avoid the damage caused by static electricity on electronic components; return on foreign objects (FOD (Foreigh Object Damage)); Revised inspection techniques, zone closure and safe return to service.


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