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Waterless Engine Wash, please.

Lufthansa Technik has developed a new engine wash procedure that allows waterless washing of aircraft engines in any type of weather. The “Cyclean Dry Ice” system, which uses a mobile blasting system to shoot tiny dry ice pellets into an aircraft engine, can wash engines even in below-freezing weather.

LHT says the system is able to quickly and thoroughly clean all engine types, regardless of size or height, without the need to fasten equipment to the engine. And since it’s dry ice, it do not leave any kind of residue, considering the ice transition completely to a gaseous state, so there is no need to perform an engine run-up after the wash. How good for the environment is that… no chemical residues (and water) to manage after the wash, no waste of precious jet fuel (in any way) and no additional carbon dioxide generated !!!

The future is here; what do you think of that ?

Read the full press release here:

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