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Is the delegation of power from regulatory agencies to aircraft manufacturers making us unsafe?

A New York Times investigation, summarized in

this episode of The Daily

, dug into the question that arose after the 737 MAX crashes: working this closely with manufacturers, and ultimately relegating that much ascendant to them, are the regulatory bodies still able to do their job of keeping us safe?

There is a trend all over the world of sending more and more authority over to the manufacturers. It's caused in part by talent scarcity and disparity in government versus private sector salaries, by a desire to do things faster and cheaper, but also by familiarity in my opinion. Those organization have now been working together for decades, the closeness is bound to create some biases.

And that's where it becomes critical, because it appears that beyond the expertise and funding issues, a culture of trust emerged between the two organizations. When you trust someone, you're less likely to question their judgement and actions. This might very well be the most important factor in what is now a major aerospace sector crisis.

What do you think, do you approve of regulatory authority to industry in general? How about in critical industries like aerospace?

Listen to The Daily episode here:

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